Lauren Lee


                   I am a freethinker, a dreamer, and a do-er. These are my projects:




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The Consciousness Test

by Lauren Lee "Space Jazz" Trio

2016 Release and debut album of the Lauren Lee "Space Jazz" Trio, 'The Consciousness Test' is an 8 track album of original jazz compositions dedicated to the fight against the stigma of mental illness. 

You can support the album's production by making a small contribution via Paypal. Donations more than $1 will receive a full digital download of the album, with other perks associated with higher contributions. A portion of the proceeds raised benefits the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The album can be purchased on Bandcamp here.



by Velocity Duo

The Velocity Duo is a cutting edge, spontaneously composed vocal/bass duo featuring Lauren Lee, vocals, and Charley Sabatino, bass. The duo's debut album, Dichotomies (available here or here), is a set of inviting, lyricless stories that encourage the listener to "choose their own adventure". From New York Music Daily:

"These short, improvised vignettes transcend the question of whether or not this is jazz or indie classical or whatever mix of genres it might be: it's just good, fun music."


Videos of live performances can be found on Youtube. You can also follow us on Facebook and Soundcloud

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by Lauren Lee Space Jazz Trio

The debut EP from Lauren's eclectic piano trio (with Charley Sabatino on Bass and Andy O'Neill on drums) explores a variety of original compositions drawing from jazz, indie, and contemporary classical backgrounds. Their first full length debut album, "The Consciousness Test", is currently in the works and expected Spring 2016. 



Collaborations with the following ensembles can be heard here:

The Eco-Music Big Band


The Hot Shim Sham Orchestra

If you are a musician, or if you know any musicians, you know that creating an album is hard work, long hours, and a lot of money. My trio's journey with "The Consciousness Test" has been a good one so far: the tracks are done, reviews and a tour are in the works, but the work isn't done yet. Two of the biggest hurdles still face us: marketing and promoting the album and funding the creation of the merchandise. 

We are currently asking for monetary assistance in getting over these two hurdles. All contributions starting at $1 will receive a digital download of "The Consciousness Test"; other perks are listed below. 10% of the funds raised will be given directly to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Contributions can be sent directly via Paypal to [email protected] in any amount. Rewards are as follows:

$1 or more: Digital download of "The Consciousness Test"

$5 or more: Digital download plus super-cool "Space Jazz" sticker

$10 or more: Digital download, sticker, and physical CD

$25 or more: Coffee hang with Lauren (in-person in NYC, from other locales via Skype or FaceTime), digital download, sticker, and physical CD

$50 or more: Beer! or Coffee! Hang with Lauren (in person in NYC, from other locales via Skype or FaceTime), digital download, sticker, and physical CD

$100 or more: 30 minute lesson with trio member of your choice, OR let us take you to a new music concert, cover and drinks on us! Plus physical and digital copies of the album and a cool sticker

Contributions of more than $100: please contact me at [email protected]! We're happy to accept it