I am lauren lee


I am a freethinker, a dreamer, and a creator. I strive to be an innovator, a good example, and master of my crafts. These are my projects:


"Space Jazz" Trio

The Lauren Lee "Space Jazz" trio was founded in 2012 as a means for creative expression that balances freedom, chaos, and limitation. Following in the footsteps of artists like Sun Ra, The Bad Plus, Eric Dolphy, and Bjork, the trio uses its diverse influences to its advantage, with a wide range of original tunes and eclectic covers. They released their debut 4-track EP "Makebeliever" in early 2014, with their first full length album anticipated Summer of 2015. The space jazz trio is:

Lauren Lee:vocals/piano/compositions, Charley Sabatino:bass, Andy Oneill:drums


"Velocity" Duo

Based on a desire for spontaneous creation, the Velocity Duo is an intense yet atmospheric vehicle for exploring human emotion. Free compositions are created based on words, feelings, and situations dictated either by ensemble or audience members (audience engagement is very much encouraged!). This is free music for everyone, inviting listeners to create their own narrative based on the sounds they hear. Their debut album "Dichotomies" will drop early 2015. The velocity duo is:

Lauren Lee:vocals, Charley Sabatino:bass






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